Troubling News about Jewish Bankers, Israel Peace and antiSemitism in Europe

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We asked Is Goldman Sachs Jewish? on 11/8/09.

Michael Kinsley now explains, "How to Think About: Jewish Bankers" on the Atlantic Wire, and asks questions like this one, "Because Goldman is thought of as a "Jewish" firm, and because it dominates the financial industry, criticism of Goldman, or of bankers generally, is often accused of being anti-Semitic. Commentators including Rush Limbaugh and Maureen Dowd have been so accused. When, if ever, are such accusations fair?"

We ask then in reply, When if ever is Kinsey going to stop acting as if there is an objective measure of fairness and finally accept that everyone's answer to his query is dependent on their inherent biases and their levels of sensitivity?

Marty Peretz writes mainly about Israel in, "Unsentimental Education: What has Obama learned about peace?" in TNR.

Open Salon warns us that, "European Antisemitism Soars" By GARY BAUMGARTEN (Paltalk News Network), "A report, released on Sunday, shows that antisemitism in Europe has reached the highest level since the Holocaust."

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Richard said...

Could we once and for all dispel the myth about Jews and Banking. While it is true that in the middle ages, Italian Jews held a predominant monopoly in banking, this was only because of the long standing Christian taboos concerning finance. For the first one thousand five hundred years of Christianity, working in a Bank was considered a greater sin than being openly gay. But since the protestant reformation, the Jewish monopoly in these matters has shrunk considerably. For that last hundred years, State owned Banks (such as the Federal Reserve) have come to control the lion share of world finances. If you want to blame someone, blame democracy.