Signs of the Times: Take Note of the Muckraking at FailedMessiah.com by Minnesota Blogger Scott Shmarya Rosenberg

Yasher Koach (congratulations) to our blogging colleague from Minnesota Scott Shmarya Rosenberg on getting written up in the religion column in the Times. He calls his blog FailedMessiah.com. It's tempting to say that coverage of this type in the Times is a sign that the real messiah's arrival is just around the corner.
On Religion: A Jewish Blogger Finds a Following by Digging in the Dirt

...Blogging on the site FailedMessiah.com, Mr. Rosenberg, 51, has transmuted a combination of muckraking reporting and personal grudge into a must-read digest of the actual and alleged misdeeds of the ultra-Orthodox world. He has broken news about sexual misconduct, smear campaigns and dubious business practices conducted by or on behalf of stringently religious Jews.

Operating thousands of miles from the centers of ultra-Orthodox Judaism in Brooklyn and Jerusalem, waking at 3:30 a.m. and working a dozen hours at a stretch in an apartment cluttered with books, Mr. Rosenberg has had his scoops cited by The Wall Street Journal, Columbia Journalism Review, PR Week and Gawker. The national Jewish newspaper The Forward listed him among the 50 most influential American Jews, and the hip, cheeky magazine Heeb put him in its top 100...more...
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