American Jewish Committee: Wrong Answer!

Wrong answer! This is not how you ought to respond to valid criticism.
AJC Statement on Professor Rosenfeld Essay

On January 31, the New York Times featured an article on a recent American Jewish Committee publication entitled "Progressive" Jewish Thought and the New Anti-Semitism, authored by Professor Alvin Rosenfeld of Indiana University.

The article has generated a groundswell of queries and comments. Thousands of visitors to our website have downloaded Rosenfeld's essay and it currently ranks among the most frequently emailed pieces from the newspaper's site.

We are immensely pleased by the interest generated and hope it will spark serious discussion on the important issues raised by Professor Rosenfeld.

At the same time, inexplicably, the paper, in the article's opening sentence, described AJC as a "conservative advocacy group." This is preposterous. AJC is a strictly nonpartisan organization long viewed as centrist in its orientation. As our members know, we welcome a wide range of viewpoints in the AJC "tent" and pride ourselves on a deliberative style of discussion and debate on policy matters....

No other nation faces the same daunting challenges to its very right to exist, 58 years after its establishment, than Israel. No other nation faces enemies, from Iran to Hamas and Hezbollah, who openly call for its annihilation and seek the military means to achieve that objective. And yet, even under these trying circumstances, Israel is home to a vibrant political debate about the best course of action to secure its future as a democratic and Jewish state living in peace with its neighbors.
"No other nation faces the same daunting challenges to its very right to exist." What? Listen. The Islamic militants are after the USA too.

You indeed are an not a "conservative advocacy group." You are a "gibberish advocacy group." The article in question (see previous post) is complete and utter gibberish.

Pull this article and apologize for your lapse in judgment!

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I particularly liked the following commentary on the Rosenfeld brouhaha: