Glick does not click - writer ignorant of Zionist Idea

Caroline Glick simply never read the writings of the classical Zionist thinkers. If she had, she'd know that diversity of thought was the essence of the strength of formative Zionism.

In "Our World: Telling friend from foe" in the jpost, Glick seems to think that Hamas and Fatah and her friends and the progressive Jews fall into one of two categories - friend or foe.

Too many cowboy westerns? Black hat badguys or white hat good guys?

I wish she'd just read some Zionist writings. She might find out that the Zionism that gave birth to the State of Israel and the ideology that nurtures that miracle down to the present - is far from black or white. It is complex, thoughtful, contradictory, self-critical, grand and dramatic. But it is not a system that seeks to order the world into two fundamentalist categories - friend or foe.

Pity the fool - as one Mr. T used to say on TV - pity the fool who sees the world in black and white - when now we have 42 inch plasma high definition color.


Anonymous said...

You made an amazing charge when you accused Glick of failing to see diversity of thought between classical Zionist thinkers. First, her essay does not, nor does it need to, deal with that subject at all. Second, it shows, awfully clearly, differences between the UPZ and the ZOA. Third, where in the world did you see in Glick's words that she believes that Zionism is "a system that seeks to order the world into ... friend or foe."

I think that her criticism of the "left" just gets your goat so much that you're willing to write anything.


"A New York Times write-up of the controversy entitled, "Essay Linking Liberal Jews and Anti-Semitism Sparks a Furor..."

I think I see the problem. The NYT conveniently forgot to put the word "some" before the word "Liberal." I think THAT type of irresponsible reporting, (of which you did the same thing when you wrote "the progressive Jews"), and not Rosenfeld's essay, sparked the furor.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

OK. So why title the piece, "Our World: Telling friend from foe." Methinks that what she thinks.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the reason, it has nothing to do with the zionist system.