We call on new Jewess blog to start sex boycott

Our first comment on the new Jewess blog is about the JOFA conference that focuses on the Agunah issue - Orthodox husbands who divorce their wives but don't give them a get. We say, "All talk no action. How about a boycott? Rebbetzins say - no sex with their husbands until they resolve this issue."

Good luck, new blog! Here is the PR:
"Jewess: The Tribe's Better Half"

Jewess is a new Jewish women’s issues blogs launching tonight, the newest member of the Canonist network. Led by Senior Writer Rebecca Honig Friedman, the blog will contain daily news and blog roundups, as well as original reporting, insightful analysis, and much more.
Joining Friedman are several writers focusing on more specific areas, and who will be posting on scheduled days of the week. These contributors include Amy Odell on health, OrthoMom on family issues, and Delly Hayward as “The Shiksa.”
The blog is launching with a fair amount of content already in place, and an interview with Devorah Zlochower appropriate to this weekend’s JOFA Conference.


Lori said...

A "Jewess" blog started by a man - how totally "telling". Yawn.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

Sad but true. "As you know, you have to go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you want," Rumsfeld said.

Lori said...

So, it's come to this and war has been declared.