NPR Podcast: Forward Editor Goldberg Defends Progressive Jews

J. J. Goldberg says Rosenfeld's essay attacking progressive Jews, "Borders on slander."

He is right on that but he is wrong saying the debate has intensified. NPR is more correct asking, "Now, there have been arguments about Israel within the Jewish community forever, pretty much. But do you think that the debate has recently intensified?"

Reading the Zionist Idea makes me long for the days of real debate. This stuff nowadays is not debate. It is name-calling.

Listen to the NPR program (below) or read the transcript.

P.S: It looks like Gary Rosenblatt has lost his eminence as spokesman for the NY Jewish news media.


Anonymous said...

I share many of the opinions about the Rosenfeld brouhaha as presented here:

Anonymous said...

"This stuff nowadays is not debate. It is name-calling."

I will refrain, with a grin, from cutting and pasting select quotes from your blog.