When is a rabbi not a rabbi? When it is a season or a name

The hazards of a google word search.

The Pak Tribune reports:
Enough water available for Rabbi crops: Liaquat Jatoi

ISLAMABAD: Enough water is available for Rabbi season and the provinces will get adequate supplies for maturity of the crops.
Little known factoids. Let's not be oblivious to how the same words are used by different people.

In Pakistan and India there are rabbi crops and there is rabbi season. No. You can't grow the little spiritual leaders or hunt them. The rabbi season in the Himalyas:
Rabbi season generally occurs from Nov.~Dec. to Mar.~Apr. But in the high altitude, it is observed from Dec.~Jan. to May~Jun. The main crops during the Rabbi season are, wheat, barley, ray, sarson (mustered), pea, gram, and masur. Almost, all the crops are grown in the entire region, but their intensity and yield vary from one district to other. Whereas, in the plains of Tarai, Bhabar, Doon and Dwar, particularly in some parts of Dehradun district, Pauri district, Haridwar district, and Udhamsingh Nagar district, wheat, gram and pea are grown extensively. In the elevated regions, barley, mustered oil, rai, and masur (a local variety of pulses) along with wheat, gram and pea are grown, but their yields are lower than those of the crops grown in the plains.
Another source:
Rabbi crops

Jowar, wheat and gram are grown in the district during Rabbi season. Jowar is common in almost all the talukas. However, in Yeole, Dindori, Sinnar and Kalvan talukas, it is grown on a larger scale. Wheat is grown in Dindori, Niphad, Baglan, Yeola and Nashik talukas. Gram is grown in all the talukas.
And then there is this one new age Rabbi (first name, after the season no doubt, not title) Shergil, a Punjabi pop singer:
Other Side of Rabbi Shergill
Joe Athialy

A United States of Earth, with Dalai Lama as its head is an idea that Rabbi Shergill is toying with for sometime now. If you know him only as an accomplished Punjabi pop singer, whose life went for a toss in 1989, when he saw Bruce Springsteen at a live concert and decided to have a guitar and be like Springsteen; and who went through, now a legendry, difficult phase to get recognition, ended up getting laurels from the likes of Amitabh Bachchan and Sir V S Naipaul, he tells us about his other side...
Google makes life so much more complex.

Update: Rabbi Shergill is going Bollywood!

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