Ossuary Scammer Strikes Again - but it's great theater

I have no doubt that this story of the Jesus tomb and ossuary is a complete and utter forgery. The main players were caught last time. So this time they will make it harder. But they will be caught and exposed. And they don't care. Because these are con men out to make a buck. They know from experience that even after the scam is exposed, they will face no penalty, no punishment and they will move on to their next scam. Hey. It's a living. And for the rest of us it's good entertainment, just like the DaVinci Code.

Here is the inscription... click and see for yourself.

Newsday reminds us that Jacobovici and Co. have tried to fool us before:
In 2003, Jacobovici directed the much-discussed documentary "James, the Brother of Jesus," which featured the analysis of a bone box that bore the inscription, "James son of Joseph, brother of Jesus." Later that year, the IAA declared that bone box a forgery.
The NY Times has a good summary: "Crypt Held Bodies of Jesus and Family, Film Says"
Ruby Washington/The New York Times

Boxes said to contain residue of the remains of Jesus and Mary Magdelene yesterday at a news conference in New York promoting a documentary.

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