Kaddish for the University of Phoenix

Would you buy a used car from UoP President William J. Pepicello (right)?

When the NY Times does a front page expose of a sketchy enterprise, the echoes resound around the world.

The University of Phoenix (sponsor of a sports stadium) has been written up as news in the paper of record.

The Times titles the story, "Troubles Grow for a University Built on Profits."

I've said before
that these are the guys who took the "non" out of "non-profit education." And just what is wrong with that? It is a scam of mammoth proportions.

We in the industry knew for years that adult-ed courses can make a profit because self-styled literacy is an ego trip. Continuing-ed at a distance is even more alluring. You just pay up and you are an esteemed student of higher learning. And if you drop out after paying up - that is where the real profit margin kicks in.

Until the house of cards falls down. Read the story. The Times does a good job of poking into all the questions about UoP.


J. "יהוא בן יהושפט בן נמשי" Izrael said...

Did they officially stop being a 503-c?

Anonymous said...

I can't stand scams in education, and I think you know that.

Anonymous said...

It is the point of view that makes an attractive proposition a scam. Does getting a degree that takes over 22 months to attain and costs marginally less than any private sector college mean that thousands of students are being taken for fools? If so we should seriously have a look at the State and public schooling sectors...Public and junior colleges around the country might just be in for some unwelcome investigations.