4th of July Weekend Reading at the Beach

Why not read some Judaic scholarship by your favorite blogger rabbi and 60's radical this weekend at the beach?

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, Dr. Zahavy, no readings today in Judaism.

However, I did celebrate the day by taking our son to see the Twins destroy the Tribe 12-3 tonight at the Metrodome. We sat in the 20th row, just a few feet off homeplate, so we had a perfect view. Very nice seats. It reminded me of the many good times that I had with my wife and with her brothers in the "Dome" during the years that I was one of your grad students at the U of M.

In fact, I took our son to the U of M campus before the game to show him Folwell Hall. :-)

We took in the fireworks over Edina before returning to our Hotel room for the night here in Edina.

--"Yochanan Ha-Nasi"