Would Wittgenstein say that Blogging is a Language Game?

Pre-holiday I'm throwing out some nice juicy lob pitches for people to swing at...

I've always like the idea of language-games conceived of by the mathematician cum philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

I believe that blogging is a complexly intertwined language-game that overlaps with numerous others, but maintains its own recognizable characteristics...

Wikipedia summarizes (some of) what Ludwig meant by Sprachspiel:
Wittgenstein used the term "language-game" (Sprachspiel) to designate simple forms of language, "consisting of language and the actions into which it is woven" (PI 7), and connected by family resemblance. The concept was intended "to bring into prominence the fact that the speaking of language is part of an activity, or a form of life" (PI 23).

The term 'language game' is used to refer to:

* Fictional examples of language use that are simpler than our own everyday language.
* Simple uses of language with which children are first taught language (training in language).
* Specific regions of our language with their own grammars and relations to other language-games.
* All of a natural language composed of a family of language-games.

These meanings are not separated from each other by sharp boundaries, but blend into one another. The concept is based on the following analogy: The rules of language (grammar) are analogous to the rules of games; meaning something in language is thus analogous to making a move in a game. The analogy between a language and a game brings out the fact that only in the various and multiform activities of human life do words have meaning. (The concept is not meant to suggest that there is anything trivial about language, or that language is just a game.)
So fellow bloggers, what think you on this?


John D. Enright said...

There's nothing to swing at, Rabbi. I agree with you, I think. Blogging in your Blog is definitely a circumstance of predefined roles with the players acting according to expected rules. The game becomes interesting when the players stray beyond the rules and do the unexpected; such as my agreement with you on this matter and your agreement with me about the fuzzy position of "faith-based initiative" in the Obama campaign.

All in all, this is a pretty interesting concept; language, game theory and blogging all roled into one. Good job.

John D. Enright said...

Oh, Rabbi, I forgot to add this: Mazal Tov!