Barack Pushes Bogus Bush Boondoggle

AP reports (are we allowed to link to them anymore?):

Obama to Expand Bush's Faith Based Programs
Obama announces support and expansion for Bush's faith based programs

This is where I diverge from the Obama express. I am Orthodoxly anti-Bush. I hold that nothing that Bush did has any value. I am confident that history will bear me out on this. Obama should not contaminate his platform by support and extension for anything Bush.

David Kuo brilliantly showed in his book (I will repost on it next) that Bush's FBI program (Faith Based Initiatives) was mostly hot air. Bush got lots of mileage from just arranging photo-ops with ministers. They were so easy to seduce, he gave them one invite to the White House and they were ready to do anything he wanted...

So I am not impressed with Barack's idea of expanding on a bogus effort.

Barack should dump and replace this program with something that in this space that is real and equitable.

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