Top Ten Barack Jokes

Sorry, I don't have the Top Ten Barack Jokes here.

In fact Idon't want to hear them. Now why is that, you ask?

It's because I am suffering from eight years of Bush-the-Buffoon fatigue. I am jaded, worn down, fed up, disenchanted, disillusioned, drained, utterly exhausted of having a Commander-in-Chief who is a joke.

That's why I am hoping to be refreshed, invigorated, revived, re-energized and revitalized by a new, serious and substantial leader.

So when Maureen Dowd asks "May We Mock, Barack?" in response to the mocking New Yorker cover; when others protest that Barack should not be immune from irony; when hilarious comedians spend thoughtful moments worrying about how, where and when to satirize Obama; all of this kerfuffling is not meant to put up an off-limits sign or to imprudently react to teasing our candidate.

We all just want to think that it would be proper, fitting, appropriate, suitable and apt to spend some serious time considering the future of our country and to put aside the joking and indeed to get beyond the eight-year-joke who has devalued the decency of the highest office in our land.

That's why I don't want to hear the Top Ten Barack jokes right now.

Maureen Dowd says some intelligent things on this topic; not what I am saying here, but worth a peek anyway.
MAUREEN DOWD | The New York Times Wednesday, July 16

May We Mock, Barack?

It would seem a positive for Barack Obama that he is hard to mock. But is it another sign that he's trying so hard to be perfect that it's stultifying? Read Full Article »


Anonymous said...

That is exactly what they said about the great dictators.

Oh, Charlie Chaplin, where are you now when we of the 21st century need you?

If I were a cartoonist the only question I would have today would be, "Which style mustache does the worshipped Obama merit in my satire?"

Or should he be made to thrust his jaw forward Mussolini style?

Anonymous said...

"That's why I am hoping to be refreshed, invigorated, revived, re-energized and revitalized by a a) new, b) serious and c)substantial leader."

Oh well, one out of three ain't bad.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

be kind

John D. Enright said...


Anonymous said...

Tzvee invites it.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

i am glad to see that y'all agree with my characterization of w