Palestinian News Network (PNN) Accuses Israel of Ethnic Cleansing of Thousands Based on One Anecdote

This story told by one Palestinian lacks all credibility. Specifically, Who, when traveling, leaves $500 in cash in their jacket pocket in their suitcase? The rest of the story this man tells is equally sketchy.

I'd ordinarily be inclined to listen sympathetically to a man's story of injustice and frustrating bureaucratic persecution at entry to Israel. Lord knows the Israeli immigration authorities at unpredictable intervals can give anyone and everyone a hard time.

But the details of this story make no sense to me. Examples: Confiscation of papers in SF - makes no sense. Denial of wife's right to leave Israel and return - makes no sense. Alleged theft of $500 by inspectors - makes no sense. (Why not accuse them of stealing $5000? $50,000?)

What is utterly insulting to all people of good sense is this story's generalization from one bizarre and sketchy anecdote to its conclusion.

The title of the story is, "Denied Entry: another step in the ethnic cleansing process of Jerusalem."

Ethnic cleansing because one man has a problem? Do not insult our intelligence.

But then they do and they will continue to and that is why 60 years later there is no state for the Palestinians.

Not because of Israeli policies. Because of zero credibility for the Palestinians.

Here below is just one paragraph, in a story about one man, but which makes claims that it speaks of the anecdotes of "thousands" - "who are being ethnically cleansed."
Ziad Sad is in the US, a Jerusalem resident, and one of the thousands of Jerusalem residents who are being ethnically cleansed from the capital city of Palestine. Under international law it is illegal what the Israelis are doing in Jerusalem and this is well known by anyone who studies the law or the situation here. United Nations resolutions condemn it; however the Israelis have yet to heed the call.
No evidence. No lists. No authority. No logic. Zero credibility.

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