WSJ Humor on a Slow News Day: Readers Want Goldman Sachs to Takeover US Government

Here is how the bloggers over at the WSJ spend their long summer days dreaming up hilarious scenarios (well to them it is funny). Stand-up comic Llyod Blankfein must be roaring with laughter-->

Deal Journal Readers Favor a Goldman Sachs Takeover of the U.S.

Sometimes, things you never expect to happen actually happen: for instance, that three stars of the ’80s flick “Predatornow hold or plan to hold public office.

Similarly, we were taken aback to realize after this light post Tuesday that Deal Journal readers overwhelmingly support a Goldman Sachs takeover of the U.S.

In addition to the comments on the post, we were bombarded with a number of “definitive” proofs–some provided by proud Goldman ex-employees–that there really is a case to be made that Goldman alumni are more powerful and influential than the alumni of other, presumably lesser financial firms. (We were told repeatedly, for instance, that Merrill Lynch really only had Ronald Reagan adviser, Don Regan, to its name.) Forbes has a slideshow with pictures of all the prominent Goldman alumni. Goldman Sachs, in fact, even has a foot in the door to take over The Wall Street Journal: Our Mean Street columnist, Evan Newmark, spent 10 years as an investment banker at Goldman before he took over the technology investment banking group at UBS.

We’ll be frank: we aren’t fans of conspiracy theories. But, in the spirit of service journalism, we are providing a more thorough–but still not comprehensive–list of Goldmanites who, one day, will decide what you eat for breakfast and when....more

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