Forward's Blog: Amy Winehouse Rehabs to Kosher

From the Bintel Brief Blog:

WINEHOUSE’S KOSHER SPREE: Amy Winehouse must have had a hankering for some Jewish soul food.

The troubled songstress recently swung by a number of kosher food shops in London’s Golders Green and seemed to be in good spirits, obligingly posing for pics with fans.

Britain’s Jewish Chronicle has a photo, but I found a better one. (I imagine she was having the following epiphany: “All this time, I could have been high on rugelach…”) .

There are more photos here.

TTB says: "By the way, does anyone know who is this person?"

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Juggling Frogs said...

Thank goodness for wikipedia, as I'm with TTB in not knowing who this person is or why her trip to a bakery warrants international news coverage.

But, the "better photo" link you shared spoke to me. I can identify with her expression, when trying to decide between the chocolate and the cinnamon-raisin babkas.