BR: Kevie Feit Selected as Second Orthodox Teaneck Mayor

They say that all politics is local. After a tense election season we have a new mayor in friendly Teaneck.

We extend our best wishes to Mr. Feit for a productive and collegial term of office.
New Teaneck mayor named

TEANECK — Michael Kevie Feit was unanimously named mayor Tuesday, succeeding Elie Katz, who will return to a council seat for the final two years of his term.

The council also unanimously voted for Deputy Mayor Lizette Parker to retain her position for another two years.

Feit said he hopes that the new council will work to change the tone at meetings, which have sometimes been acrimonious in recent years.

“I think the people are looking to us for leadership,” he said.

The council selects a mayor and deputy mayor every two years during its reorganization meeting, which on Tuesday drew a crowd of approximately 200 residents.

Newcomers Mohammed Hameeduddin and Barbara Toffler were sworn in for their four-year terms Tuesday along with Councilwoman Monica Honis, who won a second term. They joined Feit, Katz, Parker and Councilman Adam Gussen.

Feit, 34, is a longtime member and former president of the volunteer ambulance corps and works for a pharmaceutical company.

Katz, 33, who has enjoyed widespread popularity in town during his 11-year tenure on the council, became the youngest mayor in history and Teaneck’s first Orthodox Jewish mayor in 2006.

But his star seemed to dim slightly during this year’s election, when he campaigned hard for one slate of candidates. Some residents who supported other candidates viewed Katz’ involvement as improper for a sitting mayor.

Katz has apologized to those who felt he acted inappropriately but has said that he was simply supporting the candidates he believed would best serve the town.

In an email on Tuesday morning, Katz announced he would not be seeking the position for the next two years. Later on Tuesday, Katz called it a “bittersweet moment” but acknowledged he is happy to be putting down the burden of what he said is a full-time job.

“I feel as though a weight has been lifted,” he said.

The new council also reappointed Township Prosecutor Deborah Veach and Township Attorney Stanley Turitz.

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