YAPP (Yet Another Pope Post): People Protest as Pope Goes Down Under

The palnned Australia-visit of the Pope (Tuesday 15 to Sunday 20 July 2008.) has not inspired Sydney residents in the most positive and spiritual ways.

Protests abound as police crack down on free speech, as reported by FaithWorld, Sydneysiders refuse to turn the other cheek for Pope Benedict:
...Sydneysiders believe their civil liberties have been crushed with police introducing tough new anti-protest powers for the papal visit that allows them to arrest and fine people A$5,5000 (US$52,885) for annoying or disturbing Catholic pilgrims. Wearing a T-shirt with an anti-Catholic message or handing out condoms can break the law. Police have asked anyone planning to protest to send them photographs of their banners and what they will be wearing so they can be approved....

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John D. Enright said...

While I appreciate the intention of the Aussie government to shield the Pontiff from rude behavior, I don't like the idea that the Papal visit to Oz trumps free speech. Let the marketplace of ideas sort out the good speech from the bad. Besides, who are they worried about? The largest single religious denomination is Roman Catholicism at 26.4 % according to the CIA World Factbook. If the Pope needs to be protected from his own subjects, there's a bigger concern than protecting his feelings.