Aaron Kotler's Music Video?

Here is a repost of one of my favorite YouTube videos.

A search of "Aaron Kotler" on video.google.com brought me face-to-face with the send-up-video of frum Judaism with music by Aaron Kotler.

I have no way of verifying any relationship between the Aaron Kotler of this video and the anti-zionist gadol hador rabbi, Aaron Kotler. Having viewed this video, I can presume with some certainty that the latter would not approve of it.

As described: Seen SNL's Lazy Sunday... now check out Lazy Shabbos, a hilarious music video for Jews and Goyim alike.


Anonymous said...

"anti-zionist gadol hador rabbi"

You're misinformed. R' Aharon Kotler was a founder of Chinuch Atzmai.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

From Wikipedia:

Kotler, like most Orthodox leaders, was strongly anti-Zionist. An the summer of 1937, at the third convention of the rabbinical leaders of Agudath Israel held in Marienbad, Kotler and the other rabbis there were unanimous in rejecting any proposal for a "Jewish State" on either side of the Jordan River, even if it were established as a religious state.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting more - pretty crappy video.

Unknown said...

hi guys,

i stumbled across your blog via the wikipedia entry on "lazy sunday". the aaron kotler of this video is my brother. the video was made by medical students at the albert einstein college of medicine for our skit night. it was written by eric siskind and ari gladstein, and directed/produced by myself and joe sabat. my brother aaron, who is a musician, created the background track for us.

as far as your other thoughts, we are not directly related to the rabbi aaron kotler, though it is possible that there is some more distant relation of which we are not yet aware.

anyway, i'm sorry if you didn't think it was funny. we liked it, it was all in good fun, and had an extremely positive response at its public showing. for "the making of lazy shabbos" check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5y17Hp3jQc


Tzvee Zahavy said...

Thanks dana,

I liked the video and that's why I posted it. What's next?


Unknown said...