Sam Heilman to Speak in Teaneck

Sam is an honest fellow...

Noted sociologist to speak locally
New Jersey Jewish Standard - Teaneck, NJ, USA
That talk, "Synagogue Life: the Dynamic Character of a Central Jewish Institution," will begin at 1 pm. Heilman's final lecture, at 9 pm, "Sliding to the Right" ...

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Anonymous said...

Here are some of Tzvee's comments about Heilman, from another blog. If you can figure out a pattern, gay gezunteh hey:

Sam is a smart man and I’m sure his book is a smart book. He’s also lazy and egotistical.

Sorry Sam, your agenda is undoubtedly colored by your prejudices and not by your research, if you did any at all.

You (talking to S.W.) need to show more respect for a distinguished academic (Sam).

Let me assure you that Sam is tops in Jewish studies.