It's the real hametz stupid!

We need to be reminded and to remind ourselves what the taboos of Pesach are.

The Torah forbids Leaven - Hametz - not grains!

How corn and peanuts got on the list of forbidden foods is a long story. It is certainly a late rabbinic invention. Someone who eats corn on Pesach would never ever be violating any Scriptural prohibition.

We were surprised and pleased to read this year of an Ashkenazi rabbi in Israel who believes and proclaims that the prohibition against eating legumes on Pesach is misguided.

A few years back, I recall coming home from the supermarket on Palmach Street in Jerusalem on Pesach eve with a whole bunch of yummy candies that were certified kosher for Pesach. My wife immediately examined them and declared that I was remiss. Yes they were KP but only for Sephardim who eat legumes on Pesach. I was crushed.

There are debates and discussions. But let's try to make life this Pesach more pleasant, okay?

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