Messianic Synagogue Beit HaShem spiritual leader convicted of soliciting sex from minors

We've read recently of rabbis, priest and minister caught in sordid scandals. This is a new wrinkle. Minister of a Messianic Synagogue - i.e., a mixed up religious group that tries to combine Christian and Jewish beliefs and practices - has been convicted of soliciting minor girls.
Spiritual leader convicted of soliciting sex from minors
Posted by Pete Shellem/The Patriot-News March 19, 2007 12:26PM

A Dauphin County jury today convicted a Susquehanna Twp. spiritual leader of soliciting sex over the Internet from what he thought were 12-year-old girls, despite his claims that police coerced him into a confession and that all the other evidence against him was coincidence.

Steven Jacob Mojecki, 46, who worked as a computer technician at Harrisburg Area Community College, is facing at least 5 years in prison if Judge Bruce Bratton sticks to the standard ranges of the state Sentencing Guidelines.

He was convicted of criminal solicitation of a minor and criminal use of a communication facility after about four hours of deliberations, which were interrupted by Friday's snowstorm.

Mojecki hung his head after the verdict was read. Bratton ordered that he give up his passport and set sentencing for 1:30 p.m. May 31.

Mojecki is a co-founder of the Messianic Synagogue Beit HaShem, a group that follows Jewish traditions but believes that Jesus is the messiah. It is not affiliated with local Jewish organizations.


Anonymous said...

Assuming he's guilty 'n' all, the guy should be hanged by his clip-on "tsitsis."

Anonymous said...

(That was hyperbole. Basically, he should just get what he deserves.)