We Orthodox Won

Your basic "we won - now what" article about Orthodoxy in the future. Ho-hum.
Of Shtieblach and Kiddush Clubs: Modern Orthodox, Yeshivah Orthodox and the Jewish Future
By Emanuel Feldman

A recently issued study by the American Jewish Committee suggests that American Jewry is in for a stunning and almost shocking surprise. The study notes that Orthodox Judaism in America is on the ascendancy, and that in the decades to come it is destined to exercise major influence on the quality and direction of American Jewish life.

For those of us who have been fighting the battles of Orthodoxy for many decades, this news comes as a delicious surprise. But it is a surprise that has been telegraphing its arrival. Slowly and imperceptibly, the rules of religious engagement have been changing for a number of years, and one had only to keep his eyes open to read the signs as they began to emerge during the closing years of the twentieth century. [more]

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