Maher Mormon Video and Mitt Romney converting to Judaism?

Mitt Romney, you old Mormon son of a gun, are you leaving Mormonism because of Bill Maher?

Are you converting to Judaism, Mitt? No? Why not? Joe Lieberman has already cleared the path for you to be a Jewish presidential candidate.

Mitt. You might try Haredi Orthodoxy. You already have most of the political views you need for that.
You gotta have faith, Mitt
By Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe Staff | March 7, 2007

It was a conversion experience on the road to Des Moines..

''We were driving along in a blizzard and there came a bright beam out of the swirling snow, and then this booming voice,'' Mitt Romney says in an imaginary - ah, extraordinary - webcast describing the event. Then, as the former Massachusetts governor recounts things, an authoritative voice intoned: ''You've lost your way. You'd better turn back before it's too late. Follow my light and I'll lead you to the right road''.

And so, in that webcast, entitled ''Mitt's First Video Letter to the South Carolinians,'' Romney, a Mormon, announces that he is leaving his longtime religion in search of a new faith.

''Given the clear message I received, I feel compelled to embrace a new religious commitment, one that will help me gather the strength I need for the challenges that lie ahead,'' Romney says. ''To everything, there is a primary season, a time to be reborn. And this is mine.''

Some skeptical witnesses offered a secular explanation for the occurrence, saying that Romney's campaign caravan had merely been pulled over by the Iowa State Patrol after mistaking a small farm lane for a secondary highway as it drove to a remote VFW post.

But in his webcast, the governor insists something much more profound was afoot.

''I looked over at Beth Myers, my former chief of staff, and said, 'Did you hear that? This is big.' We both agreed we hadn't experienced anything as awe-inspiring since the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics I put on.''

As to what denomination he intended to join, Romney says he is still unsure.

''I need to pray on that,'' he solemnly declares.

A political adviser said the campaign was actually exploring whether Romney could become an honorary member of a dozen different denominations. If that proves impossible, the campaign plans to conduct a poll on its website to let Romney supporters in South Carolina decide the former governor's new religious affiliation.

''Just as long as it's popular in South Carolina, it's okay with Mitt,'' this person said. ''His only stipulation is that he won't join any church that makes you grow a beard. He's so clean-cut and handsome, and Ann just wouldn't like it.'' More of You gotta have faith, Mitt

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this interesting news. I wasn't aware of it.

"Mitt. You might try Haredi Orthodoxy. You already have most of the political views you need for that."

Or, conservative Conservative Judaism.