WHO endorses circumcision

From the BBC...

WHO agrees [with] HIV circumcision plan
Infected cell
Foreskin cells are thought to be more vulnerable to HIV infection

International experts have backed the use of male circumcision in the prevention of HIV.

The World Health Organization and UNAIDS said circumcision should be added to current interventions to reduce the spread of HIV.

Three African trials have shown that circumcision halved the rate of HIV infection in heterosexual men.

The recommendations largely apply to countries where rates of heterosexual transmission is high.

Modelling studies have shown that if male circumcision was more widely available, millions of lives, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa would be saved.

WHO and UNAIDS said access to the procedure should be urgently scaled up in areas with high rates of heterosexual infection and low rates of male circumcision...[more ]

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what the WHO would say if they determined that FGM helped reduce Aids.