Carmy: Mystifying Jewish Press Eulogy

Why would a scholar write an article for the Jewish Press? And why would a professor exaggerate the importance of a rabbi? Comparing Breuer's methods to Brisk methods needs to be argued and defended and explained. You just cannot drop these pearls out of the sky and then move on. So if Carmy believes the impact of Breuer was so dramatic, then let's see a few for-instances from Carmy's own published books and articles. Or from the work of others.

These questions came to mind as I read this cogent article by Shalom Carmy.
The Reb Chaim Brisker Of Bible Scholars

By: Rabbi Shalom Carmy

There are great teachers whose impact is limited to their students. Greater still are those whose students initiate students of their own. The greatest teachers, however, influence not only the direct line descending from them, but an entire climate of thinking. All of us are their talmidim.
Twentieth-century Orthodox Bible study boasts two such figures. Nechama Leibowitz’s writing, teaching and broadcasting turned the exacting, microscopic study of Jewish parshanut into an exciting and popular pursuit. And Rabbi Mordechai Breuer fashioned the tools that enabled Orthodox students to confront the literary problems raised by modern biblical criticism. He entered a situation where the Orthodox approach was an apologetic one, in which the Torah was to be defended against heretical assault...


Anonymous said...

Why would a scholar write for the Jewish Press? Where have you been? I'd say a good half or more of their op-eds, political columnists and occasional contributors (like those that write the essays that start on the front page) are academics. Really a stupid crack on your part.

Anonymous said...

And besides, this professor is also a rabbi, which you neglected to call him.

Where in the article does R' Carmy exaggerate the importance of Rabbi Breuer? (In fact, you call the article 'cogent'.) And why do you feel the need to *diminish* the importance of Rabbi Breuer, especially considering the article was sort of a eulogy?".

Tzvee Zahavy said...

The title, "The Reb Chaim Brisker Of Bible Scholars" overstates and is not developed in the article.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps R' Carmy didn't choose the title? It happens all the time.