US News Ranks Yeshiva U Law School #52

They will need some good lawyers ... Here are some of the local leaked rankings:

4. NYU
5. Columbia
25. Fordham
52. Yeshiva University (Cardozo) (NY)
60. Brooklyn Law School (NY)
70. Seton Hall University (NJ)
70. St. John's University (NY)
77. Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey–Newark

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Anonymous said...

Though Mortimer Zuckerman was talking about different yeshiva from Y.U., his words are pretty amazing:

M. Zuckerman: "It was at the behest of a rabbi I study with that I went and visited the Lakewood Yeshiva. I had never been to a yeshiva before in my life and I sort of did this out of some degree of curiosity but more out of a sense of moral support for what had been such a central part of this rabbis life but I have to tell you when I got there I was absolutely knocked out by it. I will tell you that it was the single most intellectually active, energetic, fascinating environment I had ever witnessed. There was a sort of buzz and just sheer concentration and joy in the learning process and it was literally visible to somebody like myself.
"I mean, I said it afterwards, it made Harvard Law School, which I happen to have attended, look like a kindergarten. It was absolutely extraordinary to see so many people - from various walks of life - in there for the sheer joy of learning about their religious tradition. And the sheer intensity and intellectual demands of this place made it such a unique place to visit. So for me, it was absolutely a stunning experience and I wish everybody could have the chance not only to visit it but to have a guide like I did."

And Harvard tied for second? Hmmph.