Wingnut clergy back gay bashing General Pace

This is wrong. Clergy holding a news conference to back a controversial general. It shows how much bad judgment some rabbis and ministers have. They should stay out of politics. Why? Because politics destroys religion.

News Conference at White House March 15, 10:00 AM

Contact: National Clergy Council, 202-546-8329, extension 106

WASHINGTON, Mar. 14 /Standard Newswire/ -- Representatives of the National Clergy Council, the Rabbinical Alliance of America and the Union of Orthodox Rabbis will hold a news conference tomorrow morning, March 15, in front of the White House to urge President Bush to retain and support Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Peter Pace.

The group will also denounce criticism of Pace by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Virginia Senator John Warner.

Letters of support from religious leaders and activists will be hand-delivered to the White House following the news conference.

News Conference Details:

What: Joint News Conference by Jewish and Christian Religious Leaders in Support of General Peter Pace

When: Thursday, March 15, 10:00 AM

Where: North sidewalk along Pennsylvania Ave, opposite White House gates

Who: Participants include Rev. Rob Schenck, president of the National Clergy Council and chairman, Committee on Church and Society for the Evangelical Church Alliance; Rabbi Yehuda Levin of the Rabbinical Alliance of America and the Union of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis; and Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition

Rev. Rob Schenck stated, "General Pace is correct in all he said about homosexual acts and should be applauded not pilloried. We have urged President Bush to fully support him and look forward to his doing so."

Rabbi Yehuda Levin stated, "This is a moral issue and President Bush needs to step up and say so. This isn't a religious matter; it is moral and requires moral straight talk."

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney stated, "This isn't about discrimination, it's about right and wrong. Americans believe in moral order in the military. General Pace needs support, not criticism."


Anonymous said...

I bet that if it were rabbis and clergy promoting, outspokenly, a more liberal political position, we wouldn't hear words of complaint from you.

Anonymous said...

That's because rabbis and ministers advocating a liberal position on gays is simply not the same thing. The orthodox are advocating imposition of a religious policy in government; the liberals are advocation the removal of religious policy. Unless you can find me a religion that says that gays MUST serve in the military.

Anonymous said...


I was focusing only on Tzvee's words: "They should stay out of politics. Why? Because politics destroys religion." IOW, forget about the gay issue.