Note to The Nation: Barack is a Biblical Hebrew name

Ignorance. Ah it is so refreshing. The Nation covers the democratic candidates scramble to garner Jewish support, reporting that Hillary displayed a sign with her name in Hebrew but that they cannot imagine that, "Barck translates very well." Well doh. Barack is a perfectly classical Biblical Hebrew name, see the book of Judges. [And the name we chose for our second son!]
Obama: Palestinians Matter, Too

The Nation -- Barack Obama did the unthinkable recently: he had the audacity to mention the Palestinians.

"Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people," Obama told voters in Iowa on Sunday. That remark hardly endeared him to the hawkish pro-Israel supporters at AIPAC, where Obama (and Hillary) spoke on Monday.

According to the New York Times, Obama and Hillary held dueling receptions to woo Jewish voters. Hillary offered the standard pro-Israel line, even displaying a sign spelling her name in Hebrew (can't imagine Barack translates very well).

In the past, Obama has spoken highly of the Palestinian people and the calamities they've faced. No doubt, his opponents will now try and use that against him. National Review's blog has already posted a picture of him with (gasp) Edward Said.

In the AIPAC primary, it's fair to say Hillary is winning round one.


Anonymous said...

Except Barack Obama's name is from the same root as Baruch - apparantly he says somewhere in his book that it means blessed.

Anonymous said...

"Hillary ... even display(ed) a sign spelling her name in Hebrew"

Hmmm, I bet neither Bush nor Kerry did something like that!