Mourning over the demise of CompUSA

Over the years I developed a deep affection for the CompUSA chain of stores. So it was with some sadness that I read this story today:
Analysts say CompUSA locations won't be empty long
Thursday, March 1, 2007

The soon-to-be empty CompUSA buildings in North Jersey are likely to be grabbed by other retailers because the sites offer what they're looking for – big-box buildings in prime locations, commercial real estate experts predict.

"All the sites are really good locations," said Chuck Lanyard, a principal in The Goldstein Group in Glen Rock. "Those spaces traditionally have been gobbled up very quickly. I'll bet you they'll all be leased within six months."

The struggling computer superstore chain announced Tuesday it was closing 126 stores nationwide – more than half of its locations – to restructure the company. Ten of the 11 CompUSA stores in New Jersey will close; the only N.J. location spared is a store in Mount Laurel. Slated to close are the two Paramus stores, as well as those in Totowa, Parsippany and East Hanover. The CompUSA store at Palisades Center mall, just north of Bergen County in West Nyack, N.Y., also is closing.....

The juxtaposition of "analysts" and "CompUSA" reminds me of a story. In the early 90's in Minnesota I used to tell my wife I was going out for a session of CompUSA therapy. I was going to spend about $135 in an hour - but not talking to a therapist. No, my therapy would be to go to CompUSA and spend the same amount of money - but after an hour I actually had something tangible. I would come home with some neat new hardware or software.

Well now the stores are going away. Sad.

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