Times: Obama denies knowledge of 1984 video

Hey. Barack! You gotta know what's going on in your campaign.

The Times reports:

A political mystery was solved yesterday with the unmasking of the maker of a much-discussed Internet advertisement that portrayed Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as Big Brother. The creator, it turned out, worked for consultants to Senator Barack Obama, a rival for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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A spokesman for the Obama campaign said last night that the maker of the advertisement — known as a “mashup” video in Internet parlance — had not worked on the Obama campaign account.

After The Huffington Post blog identified him as Philip de Vellis, Mr. de Vellis wrote in his own item on the same blog that the Obama campaign had not been aware of the advertisement and that he had resigned from the consulting firm, Blue State Digital. The campaign was continuing to use Blue State as an Internet vendor.

The advertisement, which has received more than 1,731,000 views on YouTube during the last two weeks, shows dronelike people marching and sitting at attention as Mrs. Clinton speaks on a giant screen about her wish to have a “conversation” with Americans about the future of the country...

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