Sad: the passing of Cathy Seipp

It is mournful when the good and talented die young. Blogger Luke Ford writes about the sad passing of Cathy Seipp.

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Surrounded by family and friends, Cathy Seipp died of lung cancer at Ceders-Sinai 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 21, 2007.

She was 49.

Seipp wrote the weekly "Cathy's World" column for UPI. She was a columnist for Pages, the books magazine, and has also written for Mediaweek, American Journalism Review, Penthouse, Forbes, the Weekly Standard, TV Guide and Reason.

Shortly after this picture was taken at The Standard in downtown Los Angeles on Oct. 8, 2002, I asked Cathy if she had changed her hair style.

"It's a wig," she said.


"I'll tell you in a minute," she said. "After the pictures."

(Luke with Amy Alkon)

I leaned back into the trampoline while Cathy sat up straight and told me she had lung cancer. That she'd had surgery but the cancer was too far gone and they'd just stitched her back together and prescribed chemotherapy, which caused all her hair to fall out.

"Don't blog this," she instructed. And I didn't....

Cathy wrote "the weekly 'From the Left Coast' column for National Review Online, a monthly column for Independent Women's Forum and freelances other places, such as the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal op-ed pages. She previously wrote columns for: Buzz, Mediaweek, UPI, New York Press and Salon. Her work has also appeared in Reason, Penthouse, TV Guide, the National Post and Forbes."

Sad indeed.

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