Ortho-blog Failed Messiah predicts a failed Rabbi Riskin

Blogger Failed Messiah responds to a jpost article that reports on modern Orthodox outrage at the Haredi coup d'etat in the rabbinic court system in Israel. I agree with what he says. While the MO rabbis were not looking, the Haredim honed their political skills.

Here's part of FM's post:

Personally, I think this is a case of too little, too late. The MO-NRP world wasted its time on land and expanding Jewish 'control' over the West Bank and Gaza. While it did so, haredim hijacked the apparatus of state religion, making life worse for everyone but, perhaps, a few haredim themselves. And, at the same time, secular Israelis and the Israeli center ? made up mostly of traditional Jews who at one time valued rabbis and Orthodoxy, if not as a daily way of life then as an ideal ? have moved farther away from religion and have increasingly hostile views of Orthodoxy and of rabbis.

Both Netanyahu and Olmert need the haredim to have a chance of forming a government in the next election. Therefore, neither will risk alienating haredi leadership. This means a new MO-NRP religious court system is dead in the water. It also means MO-NRP leadership has again failed, and that is no surprise ? they have consistently failed most every test for last 40 years.

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