THE JOURNAL NEWS: Haredi trash baking matza on a bus

Haredi trash baking matza on a bus outside his home.
Spring Valley matzoh-maker agrees to stop baking on bus

SPRING VALLEY -A matzoh-making business agreed to stop baking out of a converted school bus this morning after twice being told to shut down, officials said.

Deputy building inspector Manual Carmona told Rabbi Aaron Winternitz that before he could resume baking he needed to move the bus at least 10 feet from the house at 16 Wilsher Ave.

The rabbi also must disconnect the gas lines into the makeshift bakery.

Carmona said the rabbi also must provide him with documents from an engineer on the oven's safety...
Update: The NY Times checks in with its cutesy headline and story on the same matter.
From Rabbi, the Eclectic Shul Aid Matzo Test

SPRING VALLEY, N.Y., March 26 — Call it a bus mitzvah. Or maybe “bus matzo.”

Behind Aaron Winternitz’s home in this heavily Hasidic town about an hour’s drive north of Manhattan sits a white school bus with a metal smokestack. Inside the gutted bus, Rabbi Winternitz pedals a stationary-bike contraption that he outfitted to grind wheat.

At peak operation, Rabbi Winternitz and up to 20 helpers can churn out more than a dozen pieces of matzo in five minutes. In this week before Passover, they will make 100 pounds a day over three days.

“Think about it: they’re built very strong, and they’re made to be fireproof,” Rabbi Winternitz, a schoolteacher, rabbi and amateur inventor, said in explaining how he always thought an empty school bus would be great for matzo-making. “To me, it makes a perfect oven.”

Rabbi Winternitz has been making matzo in his backyard for the past three years, not just for himself but also for many members of Congregation Mivtzar Hatorah. But last week a neighbor called the police complaining of heavy smoke emanating from Rabbi Winternitz’s backyard.

Sgt. Lou Scorziello of the Spring Valley police said officers who visited the bus on Friday were concerned that it could be a fire hazard and that it seemed to be fueled by gas lines illegally extending from the two-story home. The police issued no citations, but referred the matter to the local fire and building departments...


Anonymous said...

Haredi bashing again, Tzvee? I thought the Rosenblum bashing should've cleared out your system.

Ehh, but I'll let you get away with it this time, but only because there's such a thing as "White trash."

(For those reading Tzvee's posts, but not checking the full article, the building inspector said that the bakery was legal. Some conditions must be met, that's all.)

Tzvee Zahavy said...

boy, bryce, you got low standards. i got high standards. readers can take their pick. there is no bashing here except for yours, which we find adorable.

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Heck, you might as well have titled your post: "Jewish trash."

Tzvee Zahavy said...

hasidic trash - as it turns out... and i'm not sure why you'd defend them.

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if the cuplrits ooked and dressed like you tzvee, would they still be "trash" ?
if it was chocvevei guys would it be "chovevei trash"?

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Anonymous and I, though we sound very similar, are not the same person. His fine response obviates the need for me to respond.