Playfuls: Naomi Campbell Cleans NY's Lower East Side

Now finally there is a Jewish link to the Naomi story - a black woman cleaning on the Lower East Side!
Naomi Finally Does Something Useful: Mopping

Naomi Campbell, the iconic British model and trophy date, started her week-long run as a servant of the society under a court-ordered sentence to help clean the New York streets. She proved along the years she has a serious problem with anger, as this court sentence is the result of just one of the many alleged assaults on her collaborators.

Campbell, 36, showed up at the New York Department of Sanitation warehouse on the Lower East Side of Manhattan wearing black stilettos and a knee-length black jacket with a pair of work boots slung carelessly over her shoulder. The sentencing judge allowed Campbell to be assigned to work indoors.

This sentence was ordered after Naomi injured her assistant, Ana Scolavino, with a cell phone, after she was angry about not finding a pair of jeans. The British supermodel was sentenced to five days of community service, two days of anger management training, a $250 fine and Ana Scolavino’s medical costs, another $363.

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